RAINBOW STYLE is a publishing project edited by Happybooks bearing the signature of Enrica Mannari and Anna Puorro.

The book is a survey chromatically explosives in what are the parallels between life and art, through characters in the flesh (the RAINBOW KIDZ), photos and poems "colored" (REMINDERZ), illustrations pop and lowbrow selection of ten contemporary artists ( RAINBOW Artist) until you reach the "glamorous" world of fashion.

Everything comes from the observation of a phenomenon that the author calls "Rainbow Kidz" boys engaging aesthetics that move through the streets but especially on the internet becoming a real "Celebrities. These are young people who take their cue from the world of manga, cartoons, graphics and all the 80's pop culture, or are artists who are inspired by these forms "alive" and then recreate them in their worlds described?

Rainbow Style is the answer. A path that the web reaches the road, passing through imaginary worlds, surreal photographs and landing on soft colorful fabrics.

The rainbow in question has a double meaning: on the one hand, the chromatic harmony and the multitude of books, other worlds and the variety of content and characters that populate the pages.

A "bible" pop, a volume in which to immerse yourself around when colors seem off, a source of names of artists who are building our times through their images, words and emotions.

A cross section of contemporary culture that can not be absent from the shelves of your library (creative and otherwise).

In these pages in addition to the cover of the book, you can see the illustrations of: Ajee, Anneli Olander , Pink Sublime and Sea Creative .


edited by Underscore, HappyBooks