Anne Juliette Deschamps is a visual artist based in Paris, France. 

She studied at Beaux-Arts (École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts) in Bourges and she specialized in scenography at École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris.

Known as Ajee, she first has been part of several collective exhibitions around the globe, presenting collages, drawings and paintings.

Attracted to the emerging Art Toy scene, she practiced sculpture and took part of the movement through her first toy character Skullskin in 2008. 

Magda Danysz opened her gallery in Paris to her first solo exhibition on the occasion of the release of the art toy edition, with monumental drawings on cardboards. 

Since then her work turned to contemporary art.

Seoul's Unofficial Preview Gallery invited her for a second personal exhibition in May 2014, among the 3 levels of the building with sculptures, paintings and a live performance combining video projection and a mural painting with Korean artist Novo.

She brought her iconic polar bear to a quite life-size with a monumental sculpture for a personal exhibition at Galerie Lacroix in September 2014.

The galleries Lacroix, Lefor Openo and L'Imagerie presented 3 personal exhibitions in 2016/2017.

Mairie de Paris and Paris Artistes presented White in Parc Montsouris in 2016/2017 as well.

Her work turning increasingly to abstraction invites contemplation.


ESAT     Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques, Scenography, Paris, France

BEAUX-ARTS Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art, Bourges, France

Baccalaureate Literature & Visual Art


2016/17 WHITE, Parc Montsouris, Paris, France    

              LUX, une abstraction atmospérique, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris, France

             RETROSPECTIF, Galerie L’Imagerie, Argenteuil, France

2016     LUX, une abstraction atmospérique, Galerie Lacroix, Paris, France

2014     FRESH TO DEATH, Galerie LACROIX, Paris, France

             AJEE, Unofficial Preview Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2008    SKULLSKIN, Magda Danysz Gallery curated by Axel Teinturier, Paris, France


2017    BLAMO MINKY SHOW, The Bird’s Nest Gallery, Aspen, U.S.A

2016    PARIS ARTISTES, Bastille Design Center, Paris, France

2015    NON CONCEPT, MI* gallery, Paris, France

            CORRESPONDANCES, Galerie du Cèdre Rouge, Feucherolles, France

            IDENTITÉ REVE(L)EE, MI* gallery, Digital Week, Paris, France

            PARIS ARTISTES, École spéciale d’architecture, Paris, France

            EXPOSITION D’HIVER, MB Factory gallery, Chamonix, France

            FAMILY TEA, Envie d’Art gallery, Paris 8, France

2014    OPENING , Artoyz Galerie, Paris, France

            SELECTED WORKS, Galerie LACROIX, Paris, France,

2013    BLAMO, Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

            DEADBEET, Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

            ART UP, Le Mans Art Contemporain, Collégiale St Pierre La Cour, Le Mans, France

2012    SCARYGIRL, TT Underground Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A

            NOSELLOTS, Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland OR, U.S.A

2009    The YOKA Custom Show, Curator DKE , Designer Con, Pasadena CA, U.S.A

            MIX’ART , Collective live mural, curator Fondation Ariana, Grand Palais, Paris                    

            PINK Tour, Compound Gallery, Portland OR, U.S.A

2008    PINK ATTITUDE, Curator Underscore, Be Cool Art Space, Rome, Italy      

2007    71 PROJECT, Foundation Gallery, Mulhouse, France

            I LOVE GRAPHIK, Mairie du 3ème arrondissement, Paris, France

2006    TOYZ FROM THE UNDERGROUND, Curator WastedTalent, Album, Paris, France

2005    TAG THE SYSTEM PARIS STATION, Curator Artoyz, Galerie Beaurepaire, Paris, France

ART FAIRS (Selection)

2016    MONIKER Art Fair, Dynamite Gallery, London, UK

2015    8e AVENUE, Envie d’Art gallery, Paris, France

            AAF Battersea, Envie d’Art gallery, London, UK

2014    MULTIPLIED at Christies London, LN Editions, London, UK

            ART TOY CULTURE SEOUL, UNOFFICIAL PREVIEW Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

            OFF ART FAIR, Galerie Lacroix, Brussels, Belgium

2012    SLICK ART FAIR, Art Prestige Concept, Paris, France

2011    NYCC,  Trampt, New York Comic Con, New York, U.S.A


2014    AJEE ARTIST TALK, Everyday Mooonday, Seoul, South Korea



2014    FRESH TO DEATH, Nicolas Lacroix, France


2016    PARIS ARTISTES, Karine Paoli, Emanuel LeBihan, France

2015    PARIS ARTISTES, Karine Paoli, France

2009    BAF STREET ART, Auction, Vincent Polizzi-Astoud, France

2006    TOYS from the Underground, Gautier Bischoff, Wasted Talent, France


2009    RAINBOW STYLE, Enrica Mannari and Anna Puorro, Underscore, Italy

2008    PINK ATTITUDE, Enrica Mannari and Anna Puorro, Underscore, Italy

2006    DOT DOT DASH, Matthias Hubner, Gestalten, Germany

PRESS (Selection)

2016    LCI, Expo in the city, France

            Expo in the city mag, France

            Sortir à Paris Expositions, Maïlys C., France

2014    GRAFFITIART #22, Nicolas Chenus, France

2014    ELOQUENCE MAGAZINE #71, Sophie Haeri Park, South Korea

2012    GRAFFITIART #14, Yann-Claude Philipot, France

2012    PLASTIC & PAPER #5, Yann-Claude Philipot and Michael Rouah France

2011    PLAYTIMES #01, Jacky Teo, Singapor

2010    X FUNS #47, Catherine Chu, Taiwan

2009    TOY GARAGE #14, Sammy Yang, Taiwan

2009    ELLE , November 20, Ophélie Meunier, France

2009    BIBA, February, Liza Gorgeopoulos, France

2009    GRAFFITIART #5, Samantha Longhi, France,

2008    LE MONDE, December 28-29, Véronique Lorelle, France

2008    CLUTTER #12, Nick Caroll, UK

2008    LAST Mag #21, Nicolas Pinelli,France