Vinyl Edition by Bonustoyz /ExtendedPlayz.

Roto-casted vinyl figures

28 cm

Green 400 ex, Dark 300 ex, Gold 180 ex, All Black 50, All White 30 ex, Pixie Blue 60 ex, Pixie Black 60ex, Pixie Purple 60 ex.

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“The SkullSkin character was born when I was been asked to customize a train for the TagTheSystem ParisStation show in 2005. I had previously been working on the sweet girl and the skull for a long time on canvases but I didn’t understand their relationship. For that train project I had to manage with a long format and I wondered where to put the skull, then it was settled on her head to become a helmet. It reminded me of the Donkey Skin fairytale so I instinctively added a fur on her shoulder. She was then wearing a skull skin.”            Ajee

SkullSkin GREEN

SkullSkin DARK



Pixie BLUE


All White

All Black